Our Locations

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Wow Technologies, Inc. operates in seven data centers located in multiple cities across the United States and Southeast Asia. All of our facilities are engineered with security and redundancy in mind to meet the expectation of the most demanding Internet Hosting Environments. We believe our expertise, experience and customer focused approach benefits all of our clients.

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Wow Technologies, Inc. History

2001 - NOW

August 2001

Wowrack starts its business with 6 servers in the founder’s residence, concentrating on Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting Products.

January 2002

Wowrack outgrew the founder’s residence and move into our first office in University District Area in Seattle, WA.

September 2003

Wowrack outgrew our first office space and needed to quickly grow our network by moving into the Westin Building in Downtown Seattle, the largest carrier hotel in the west coast USA.

December 2003

Wowrack starts offering Colocation Hosting services.

October 2004

Wowrack completed Fully Redundant High Available Network Backbone Infrastructure.

May 2006

Wowrack offers Microsoft SPLA Licensing.

January 2007

Wowrack officially launches its IT Consulting Services Division.

March 2008

Wowrack becomes Microsoft Certified Gold Certified Partner.

March 2008

Wowrack merges with managedcenter.com.

April 2008

Wowrack moves into its Tukwilla, WA Datacenter space.

June 2008

Wowrack acquires Biznik Hosting Services.

June 2009

Wowrack rolls out our 3rd datacenter facility in Bothell, WA.

April 2010

Wowrack launched www.wowrack.co.id, our first hosting company outside of United States. Our Indonesian company provides Web Hosting, Dedicated Server and Cloud Computing Platform for the Indonesian Market.

July 2010

Wowrack completed its internal network upgrade to 10gbps backbone infrastructure.

August 2010

Wowrack officially opens its flagship datacenter in Seattle, operating under the brand name of www.coloinseattle.com.

September 2010

Wowrack officially announced the launch of its sister company www.onvps.com, a cloud computing infrastructure that provides virtualized private server (VPS) solution.

September 2010

Wowrack acquires Spry.com Dedicated Hosting Business. We welcome all Spry Customers.

January 2011

Wowrack expands its Asian presence by adding the second Indonesian datacenter in Jakarta, the country's capital city. We are peered with Indonesian Internet Exchange (IIX) and able to deliver superior connectivity to All Indonesian Cities.

April 2011

Wowrack added Mid-West datacenter presence in Chicago, IL. We are now able to leverage our Midwest datacenter to better serve Midwest and East Coast customers. We are able to provide anything from a single server solution to datacenter cages up to 5000sq feet in size.

August 2012

Wowrack formally added 2 more locations in Asia: Singapore and Hong Kong in order to better serve the Pacific Rim Market.

February 2013

Wowrack launched its wowrackcloud compute engine in Beta. We are now able to provide scalable public cloud computing infrastructure.

March 2013

Wowrack expanded its coloinseattle.com datacenter in Seattle with additional 2000sq feet in the Phase2 buildout. We added capacity on our critical datacenter infrastructure including UPS, CRAH units, and Chiller capacity.

June 2014

Wowrack added East coast datacenter presence in New York City, New York. We are now able to leverage our East coast datacenter to better serve our Midwest and East Coast customers. We are able to provide anything from a single server solution to datacenter cages up to 5000sq feet in size.

What we do

Wow Technologies, Inc. is a leader in managed hosting, providing various hosting services that is scalable, flexible and cost effective. With our growing brands, we are able to provide a full range of customizable services that best fit our clients growing needs. Our clients benefit from our expertise, experience and customer focused approach.